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Trilobite (Redlichia) Plush

Trilobite (Redlichia) Plush

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Trilobites, fascinating creatures that predated the existence of dinosaurs, inhabited Earth's primordial seas over 500 million years ago. These arthropods achieved remarkable success, thriving for approximately 300 million years. They hold the distinction of being the most diverse group of extinct animals documented in the fossil record, with more than 20,000 identified species. In modern times, trilobites continue to captivate the interest of fossil enthusiasts and collectors alike. Their exquisite and easily recognizable fossils are scattered throughout rocks worldwide. 

Redlichia is a specific genus found in Lower Cambrian rocks in China, Korea, Pakistan, the Himalayas, Iran, Spain, Russia and Antartica, and from the Middle Cambrian of Australia. 

This wonderful weighted plush is soft and cuddly. 

Redlichia chinensis

Approximately 40cm long. 

Not a toy. Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. 


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