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Spinosaurus Plush

Spinosaurus Plush

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Spinosaurus is a genus of spinosaurid dinosaur that lived in what now is North Africa during the Late Cretaceous period, about 99 to 93.5 million years ago.  Spinosaurus is the longest known terrestrial carnivore.

Spinosaurus is known to have eaten fish, and most scientists believe that it hunted both terrestrial and aquatic prey. Evidence suggests that it was semiaquatic; how capable it was of swimming has been strongly contested. Spinosaurus's leg bones had osteosclerosis (high bone density), allowing for better buoyancy control. Multiple functions have been put forward for the dorsal sail, including thermoregulation and display; either to intimidate rivals or attract mates. It lived in a humid environment of tidal flats and mangrove forests alongside many other dinosaurs, as well as fish, crocodylomorphs, lizards, turtles, pterosaurs, and plesiosaurs.

Reconstructed skeleton of Spinosaurus, by 3blindMies.

By Jordiferrer

Approximately 45cm long. 

This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. 



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