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Sauropod Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel Holder (Gold)

Sauropod Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel Holder (Gold)

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Take a trip back to the Mesozoic era with this dazzling gold Sauropod Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel/Toilet Roll Holder! This fun, handmade and hand-brushed cast iron dinosaur paper towel holder is perfect for any Jurassic Park enthusiast.

Use it to store kitchen paper towels or liven up the bathroom with extra toilet paper rolls - it's sure to brighten any room! At 14” X 5” X 3” and weighing 4lbs, it's a sturdy, yet delightfully quirky addition to any home.

Bring a touch of prehistoric glamour to your home with this gold Sauropod Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel Holder! Handcrafted from cast iron, this sturdy holder will lend a hint of rustic charm to any room in your house, while securely holding your rolls of paper towels or toilet paper. Don't be surprised when it becomes the talk of the dinosaur-loving town!

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