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Paraceratherium Plush (Indricothere)

Paraceratherium Plush (Indricothere)

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Paraceratherium was a large extinct genus of rhino that lacked a horn. It was one of the largest ever land mammals, estimated at approximately 4.8m tall at the shoulder, and 7.4m in length. 

It was a herbivore that stripped leaves from trees. It had a long, low, hornless skull and long frontal and nasal bones. Its front teeth had a single pair of incisors in either jaw. They were round, pointed, and so large that they looked like small tusks. 

They lived in a huge rainforest floodplain in the area which is now Kazakhstan, India, and southwest China. They lived further inland throughout northern and central Asia as well. This area was a rainforest before the Himalayan uplift changed the climate.

Paraceratherium is perhaps better known by some as Indricotherium, although this name is no longer in use. 

Approximately 33cm high. 

This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. 


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