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Paleo Floof

Nectocaris Pteryx Plush

Nectocaris Pteryx Plush

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Nectocaris is a genus of squid-like animal of controversial affinities known from the Cambrian period. The initial fossils were described from the Burgess Shale of Canada. Other similar remains possibly referrable to the genus are known from the Emu Bay Shale of Australia and Chengjiang Biota of China.

Nectocaris was a free-swimming, predatory or scavenging organism. This lifestyle is reflected in its binomial name: Nectocaris means "swimming shrimp".

This wonderful plush is soft and cuddly. 

Asaphus Kowalewskii

Approximately 30cm long. 

Not a toy. Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. 


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