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Nautilus Plush

Nautilus Plush

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Nautiluses are a link to a distant past, having been around for 480 million years. They developed in the Late Cambrian period and became a significant group of sea predators during the Ordovician period. They still live today in the Indo-Pacific, having changed very little over this huge span of time.

These remarkable creatures have a structured, multi-chambered shell. Although equipped with only rudimentary, pinhole-like eyes capable of discerning light from darkness, nautiluses possess the ability to gauge water depth, track current directions, and determine current velocities, enabling them to maintain their upright position. Their advanced sense of smell aids them in the pursuit of food and the quest for suitable mates.

This wonderful plush is complete with aptychi (beak) and siphuncle (the tube that fills the chambers with either gas or water to control buoyancy). 

This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months. 


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