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Hallucigenia Plush

Hallucigenia Plush

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Hallucigenia existed during the middle of the Cambrian era, about 500 million years ago. This era was just after the ‘Cambrian explosion’ when the diversity of life on Earth radiated from simple, multi-cellular organisms to complex animals that were the ancestors of animals that live on Earth today. It is thought to have been most closely related to worms. 

Only recently has the head been discovered, even after more than 50 years of study. It had a ring of teeth around its mouth, a simple pair of eyes, and a foregut lined with tiny little teeth.


Hallucigenia is famous for confusing scientists. For a long time, scientists reconstructed it upside down and back to front. Which bits did it walk on? Which end was the head and which was the tail? Only more recent discoveries have revealed these answers, which we bring to you in glorious plushie form.



Approximately 28cm x 43cm. 

This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. 


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