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Eurypterid Plush (Pterygotus)

Eurypterid Plush (Pterygotus)

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Experience the ancient underwater world with our 45cm long Megalograptus plush, a fascinating tribute to the extinct genus of eurypterids, the mighty aquatic arthropods. This plush represents the awe-inspiring Megalograptus, whose fossils have been discovered in the Katian (Late Ordovician) deposits of North America.

Megalograptus was a formidable predator, with the largest and best-known species, M. ohioensis, reaching impressive lengths of up to 78 centimetres (2 ft 7 in). While some species were smaller, this plush captures the grandeur and distinctiveness of these ancient creatures.

Our Megalograptus plush features its most distinctive attributes: the massive, spined, forward-facing appendages and the unique, spike-shaped telson. Although the telson was not venomous, it was surrounded by specialized cercal blades capable of grasping, making Megalograptus a fascinating subject of study and a remarkable addition to any collection.

Approximately 45cm long. 

Not a toy. Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. 


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